X-Ray Detectors

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Operating in conjunction with our Constant Potential X-Ray sources CP120B or CP160B and their small focal spots, the FLATSCAN15 & FLATSCAN30 deliver a sharp, clear and detailed X-Ray image with a resolution of up to 400μ pixels. The FLATSCANs are perfect for many applications including corrosion determination, moisture detection in honeycomb or missile head inspection. The FLATSCANs are definitely the ideal compromise between securing detailed X-Ray pictures and keeping costs under control.


Supplied with the very latest ‘free of memory effect’ Li-ion batteries, the FLATSCANs can now be used for many consecutive hours and capture approximately 500 images before a new charge is required. For convenience and to avoid any potential disruption, the FLATSCAN software continuously displays the remaining battery charge of both the FLATSCAN and the CP X-Ray source.


The FLATSCANs are delivered with a multilingual interface that enables the operator to make and process images following just a few minutes of training. This enhanced software features user-friendly function buttons that initiate hidden complex image processing. The thumbnail bar at the bottom of the screen is a particularly helpful tool that allows you to visualize the different images and their subsequent processes that are made during the entire operation. Meanwhile, a database storage system enables you to comment, store and retrieve or transfer images in a highly intuitive manner.

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