Illustration of:<p><strong>CP</strong>180CR</p>

Output voltage 40 to 160 kV

Tube current range 0.5 to 2.0 mA

Weight 9.9 Kg

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ICM’s CPSERIES has been designed with a view to revolutionizing the handling and performances of portable X-Ray sets. Despite having managed to halve the weight of similar portable X-Ray generators available on the market (while continuing to provide the same power output), the SITECPSERIES generators feature a shutter, a laser pointer, a beryllium window, an aluminum filter and two integrated diaphragms (customized sizes are available upon request). Without compromising the robustness and reliability for which ICM products are renowned, the small size and light weight of the SITECPSERIES will radically change the way that you perform your RT inspections. And you will see a positive impact in terms of both quality and return on investment (ROI).

Product information

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Radiation geometry - Panoramic
Output voltage range kV 40 to 180
Tube current range mA 0.5 to 2.0
Tube current at full output mA 2.0
Max. power at the anode W 360
Constant power mode - Yes
Working cycle at 30°C % 100
Steel penetration (**) mm 35
Weight Kg 9.9
Overall dimensions mm Ø 120 x 688
Leakage dose at 1 m at full output mS/h < 2.0
Optical focal spot (EN12543) mm Ø 4 x 0.5
Max. useful angle ° 360 x (2x20)
Inherent filtration mm Equiv. 3.5 (Al)
Waterproof level - IP65
Operating temperature °C -30 to +60
Storage temperature °C -40 to +70
Built-in carrousel featuring 5 outputs - No
Guard rings No
(**) 18" pipe, 10 min, AA400, D=2 - -

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