Portable X-ray detector

Illustration of:<p><strong>FLATSCAN</strong>30</p>
Illustration of:<p><strong>FLATSCAN</strong>30</p>
Illustration of:<p><strong>FLATSCAN</strong>30</p>

Scanning area 30'' diag.

Weight 9.5 Kg

Image acquisition time 5 sec

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With a 30” detection area, the FLATSCAN30 features the biggest detection surface on the market. In fact, with its larger inspection zone, the FLATSCAN30 will enable EOD operators to assess the level of risk of most suspect packages in just one single X-Ray shoot, which means the user’s exposure to danger will be dramatically reduced. Developed both for and by EOD operators, this detector has been specifically designed to be the most ergonomic and user-friendly digital panel on the market.

Product information

Sensor type - Linear diode array
Resolution - 40 AWG / 1.25 lp/mm
Pixel size μm 800 (400 optional)
Dynamic range (grey levels) bits 14 (16.384 grey levels)
Active area mm 614 x 460
Max. penetration in steel with CP120B mm 25
Max. penetration in steel with CP160B mm 30
Battery type - Li-ion
External dimensions mm 628 x 642 x 42
Weight Kg 9.5
Operating temperature °C -10 to +40
Storage temperature °C -10 to +65
Communication protocol - Bluetooth, Wifi, or cable
System control & settings
Pan, Zoom, distance measurement
Deep focus
Waveform Constant potential Constant potential
Max. Kv From 40 to 120 kV From 40 to 160 kV
Max. mA 0.1 to 1.0 0.1 to 0.5
Exposure time Adj. from 1 to 300 sec Adj. from 1 to 300 sec
Pre-warning time Adj. from 1 to 99 sec Adj. from 1 to 99 sec
Optical focal spot 0.8 to 0.5 mm 0.8 to 0.7mm
Beam angle 50 x 50 60 x 60
Leakage dose 1250 μSv/h 2000 μSv/h
Battery Li-ion Li-ion
Weight 7.0 Kg 9.2 Kg
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