Bomb squad – EOD teams are the most frequent users of our FLATSCAN15XS and FLATSCAN30XS products. The FLATSCAN30XS provides the largest scanning area on the market and is the ideal X-Ray detector. This is because in just one scan it is able to cover the entire surface of almost all suspect objects or abandoned luggage. Meanwhile, the FLATSCAN15XS is one of the smallest and lightest (weighing just 3.5 Kg) X-Ray detectors available on the market. Without compromising its performance in any way, the FLATSCAN15XS succeeds in scanning suspicious objects in the most hard to reach places. Combined with ICM’s constant potential X-Ray generators, the CP120B and CP160B, the FLATSCAN15XS and FLATSCAN30XS deliver in less than 5 seconds a clear and detailed image of the inside of any object. This even applies to objects placed behind up to 30 mm of steel.