Security Bundle

X-ray generator, detector, and software in ONE bundle!

Illustration of: Security Bundle

Fast & Reliable solutions
for EOD Operations


Discover our complete range of portable X-ray systems for EOD specialists.
Fully developed in-house, these packages combine a detector, an X-ray generator, and Sherlock SEC, a state-of-the-art and user-friendly EOD inspection software

Paired with Teledyne ICM’s CPBattery X-Ray generators (CP120B, CP160B, and LiteX), the FLATSCANs deliver a sharp, clear, and detailed image of any suspicious object, allowing fast and accurate decision makings in time-critical moments.
The new TactX and TactXL detectors complete the FLATSCAN series. These high-resolution detectors have been specially customized for EOD activities, with reduced dead-zones, improved connectivity features and enhanced image quality.

Sherlock SEC, Teledyne ICM’s brand new EOD inspection software has been developed both with and for EOD operators and is compatible with Teledyne ICM’s complete range of portable X-ray systems. This intuitive and user-friendly software can be installed on multiple platforms (tablet, laptop) and manages all aspects of the systems, from the image acquisition and treatment to the wireless or cable connectivity of the different items with each other.


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