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Go-Scan C-VIEW

The best for CUI inspection

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Portable X-Ray Detectors

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Bringing portable X-Ray technology to the next level

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Constant Potential Battery operated generators

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About Teledyne ICM and NDT applications

Since our adventure started in 1993, we have been developing, manufacturing and providing portable, reliable, robust yet light weight X-Ray generators for Non Destructive Testing (NDT) throughout the world.

At Teledyne ICM, we have always been proud to provide a wide range of products and services that meet the needs of every NDT professional. With a portfolio that boasts 30 different types of generator, including the well-known SITE-X family and the CP Series, you will always find the right product that will meet your NDT standards. We cover everything from Oil & Gas to the Space industry.

Our expertise is not limited to just building extremely reliable products. With Teledyne ICM, you can always be assured that you will benefit from an outstanding After Sales service regardless of where you are located

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Our distributors

With 99% of our turnover being generated by exports, Teledyne ICM has developed a solid network of distributors, agents and After Sales centers throughout the world. Thanks to the professionalism and commitment of our distribution network, we are able to provide close contact and support to our customers in more than 110 countries spread over five continents.

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Latest Events

From 20th to 24th October, visit Denis and Julien booth 15 at the COPAEND at the HERMES HALL in Mexico City. They will be highlighting, the new a-Si GO-SCAN panels as well as our complete range of portable x-ray generators. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about our new NDT solutions.

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company, will be introducing the new CMOS Shad-o-Box 2K HS industrial x-ray detector at the Nondestructive Testing Management Association’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from February 12 to February 14.

Teledyne DALSA’s extremely high-resolution (49.5 µm pixel size) and fast frame rate (up to 10 fps) detector is ideal for non-destructive industrial x-ray applications, such as pipeline and weld inspections. Thanks to its narrow enclosure and built-in GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) interface, the Shad-o-Box 2K HS is also optimized for pipeline crawler use.

The Shad-o-Box 2K HS complements Teledyne’s family of high-resolution CMOS-based x-ray detectors and their applications. Together with Teledyne ICM’s ruggedized portable GO-SCAN XR detector and the new large area Rad-icon 2329 panel, these 49.5 µm pixel detectors are the perfect solution for various challenging NDT weld inspection problems. By reaching a resolution of D13 with high contrast sensitivity, these detectors are perfectly suitable for applications ranging from 2.0 to 25mm in material thickness according to ISO 17636-2 class B.

A welded aluminum component with a .18″ wall to .25″ wall thickness inspection I did for a customer in the aerospace industry, is one of the more challenging DR applications I’ve encountered during my 46 years in Non-destructive testing.  All parties involved visibly identified both, the .18 AL IQI and .25 AL IQI’s to a sensitivity of 2-1T without difficulty. Teledyne’s CMOS detector was revealed to be the best solution for this demanding application over the other available technologies.”  John Cope – NDT Specialist.

Besides the extensive 49.5 µm pixel detector line-up, the two co-exhibitors will also showcase different x-ray solutions from their respective product ranges.

Teledyne ICM will highlight the CP200D, the lightest 200 kV portable x-ray generator on the market, as well as the CP160B, a compact 160 kV battery operated portable x-ray source with small focal spot.

On the other hand, Teledyne DALSA will show its Remote RadEye HR detector, a slim 33 x 22 mm 20 µm detector ideal for inspections in tight or difficult-to-reach spaces.

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