NDT Bundle

X-ray generator, detector, and software in ONE bundle!

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Digital Radiography Solutions
for NDT Applications

X-ray generator, detector, and software in one bundle!

Discover our complete range of portable X-ray systems for NDT inspections.
Fully developed in-house, these packages combine a detector, an X-ray generator, and Sherlock NDT, a state-of-the-art and user-friendly NDT inspection software.

Paired with Teledyne ICM’s X-Ray generators (CP Series or CP Batteries), the GO-SCAN’s detectors deliver a sharp, clear, and detailed image and can reveal a very large majority of defects such as cracks, corrosion and failing welds.

Sherlock NDT, Teledyne ICM’s NDT inspection software is fully compatible with Teledyne ICM’s complete range of portable X-ray generators.
It is the perfect tool for industrial radiography, allowing compliancy with most quality standards. The intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen software produces high-quality images, allows real-time (video) acquisition, and comes with many different enhancement features.

Make your own selection according to your inspection needs.

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