Protecting the Elite… with X-Rays!


Fortunate tourists, lucky businessmen and government officials are now a little bit safer when traveling to Dubai.

Following the terrorist attack of June 2015 at the five-star hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba in Sousse, Tunisia, the luxury hospitality industry began to take action and started adding extra security measures to ensure their clients and staff’s safety.

The jowl of the United Arab Emirates, Atlantis, The Palm, one of the most luxurious hotels on the planet, was one of the first establishments to increase their security measures by adding a portable security x-ray scanner system to their procedures.

Located at the very end of the artificial palm island in Dubai, the Atlantis Hotel, is an impressive 23-storey giant, including 1,539 rooms, 19 restaurants, and vast array of entertainment facilities such as a waterpark, an aquarium, a mall, a couple clubs, and even a monorail station.

As you might expect, such an infrastructure welcomes thousands of guests on a daily basis, which inevitably requires a tight security system to ensure the well-being of everybody present within the complex.

Since its inception in September 2008, the resort has been equipped with stationary x-ray scanners enabling scanning of guests and visitors’ belongings. However, up to last year, the complex was missing a scanning piece of equipment able to be moved and set up to designated areas in record time. Indeed, luggage and all sort of suspicious items are often abandoned at locations away from the screening installations, inevitably increasing threats.

Based on this problem, Atlantis’ Head of Security went on purchasing a FLATSCAN30system, manufactured by the x-ray expert, Teledyne ICM. Designed by and for bomb squad experts, the system possesses the biggest scanning area on the market while remaining extremely light and user-friendly.

Since the purchase, the security team has scanned hundreds of items and hasn’t report any incident!

So if you feel like Kylie Minogue, Michael Jordan, or Lindsay Lohan and want to spend a few days in heaven, you can do so carefree.

Laurent Colson.

Marketing & Communication Manager at Teledyne ICM

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