Illustration of:<p><strong>Back</strong>pack</p>
Illustration of:<p><strong>Back</strong>pack</p>
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Carrying a complete portable X-Ray scanning system in a single backpack is now possible thanks to the compact and lightweight FLATSCAN15 X-Ray detector and the CP120B or CP160B X-Ray generator. The backpack is designed to hold:

  • The FLATSCAN15
  • The CP120B or CP160B
  • One laptop
  • One spare battery for the FLATSCAN15
  • One spare battery for the CP120B or CP160B
  • One CP120B or CP160B battery charger
  • Two DELLTM chargers (for the FLATSCAN15 and laptop)
  • A two meter long interconnection cable (CPB to FLATSCAN)

Product information

Backpack for FLATSCAN15
Backpack weight when empty 3.2 Kg
Backpack weight with 1 x FS15, 1 x CP160B and 1 x Laptop 19 Kg
Backpack weight with 1 x FS15, 1 x CP160B and 1 x Laptop + 1 x FS15 spare battery + 2 x CPB spare battery + 1 x CPB battery charger + 2 x DellTM charger + 2m interconnection cable 24 Kg
Dimensions 610 x 360 x 310 mm
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