Adding a new member to the CPSERIES, the CP225D

We are now adding a new member to our ever-growing Constant Potential portable X-ray generators range. The new CP225D, now available for sale, is a state-of-the-art generator genuinely designed to meet all NDT standards and is equipped with a multiple output carrousel (5 outputs). Its lightweight (12Kg) and 100% working cycle makes it ideal for all traditional NDT applications.

According to ICM’s Sales Director, Julien Lumaye, no X-Ray generator in the world reaches this flexibility. “Thanks to its multiple outputs carousel, Including, among others things, a beryllium window, the CP225D will allow the operators to perform many different tasks with just one single device and no extra accessories. Whether you want to work on steel (up to 47 mm), aluminum or composite material, this unique constant potential generator will do the job you are expecting”.

The CP225D is, next to the CP160D and the CP200D, that have actively contributed to the 20% growth ICM recorded in 2014, the third constant potential generator of the ICM’s CPSERIES.

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