Digital radiography (DR)

Digital radiography (DR) is a trend that has grown quickly within the NDT field during the past few years. Originally developed for the medical industry, DR is slowly but surely replacing silver films. An increasing number of X-Ray detector manufacturers are extending their product ranges to address this mutation and are now providing various DR panels, using CMOS, Amorphous Silicon or linear scanners technics.
Positioned at the very forefront of innovation, we developed DR inspection detectors (FLATSCAN 15 & 30) not only for security purposes but also for some specific NDT applications, such as corrosion detection, honeycomb structure control and shell head inspection.
On top of these state-of-the-art detectors, ICM provides dedicated constant potential portable X-Ray generators that can be combined with all of these new DR detectors. These can be either battery or mains power supply operated and are ultra-portable generators that perfectly complement all DR detectors on the market.
In addition to offering an easy communication protocol interface, ICM’s CPBs are light, compact and deliver an extremely stable X-Ray output, which is essential to ensure the user obtains bright and detailed digital imaging.