Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline inspection is one of the most controlled and standardized NDT activities. Pipes can either be inspected from the outside by using directional generators such as the ones within ICM’s SITEX range or from the inside through the use of crawlers. A crawler is a battery powered, remotely controlled piece of equipment that carries a panoramic generator into the pipe. This method of inspection enables the production of a single image that radiographs the entire weld in one single shoot.
In 1993, ICM became the first portable X-Ray manufacturer to develop a dedicated generator for crawler inspections. A reduction in power consumption combined with straightforward integration and a patented EMR (Eccentric Means Ratio) system were the key elements that propelled ICM to success and enabled us to establish a highly impressive reputation within the NDT market.
Next to our SITEX range for crawler technology, which offers solutions that span from 180 to 360 kV, we are now proud to introduce the CP160CR to the market. This state-of-the-art constant potential generator for crawler can fit into a 6’’ pipe and is lighter, more powerful, energy efficient, and also allows a duty cycle of 100%.