Teledyne DALSA to unveil new CMOS detector at NDTMA 2019

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company, will be introducing the new CMOS Shad-o-Box 2K HS industrial x-ray detector at the Nondestructive Testing Management Association’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from February 12 to February 14.

Teledyne DALSA’s extremely high-resolution (49.5 µm pixel size) and fast frame rate (up to 10 fps) detector is ideal for non-destructive industrial x-ray applications, such as pipeline and weld inspections. Thanks to its narrow enclosure and built-in GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) interface, the Shad-o-Box 2K HS is also optimized for pipeline crawler use.

The Shad-o-Box 2K HS complements Teledyne’s family of high-resolution CMOS-based x-ray detectors and their applications. Together with Teledyne ICM’s ruggedized portable GO-SCAN XR detector and the new large area Rad-icon 2329 panel, these 49.5 µm pixel detectors are the perfect solution for various challenging NDT weld inspection problems. By reaching a resolution of D13 with high contrast sensitivity, these detectors are perfectly suitable for applications ranging from 2.0 to 25mm in material thickness according to ISO 17636-2 class B.

A welded aluminum component with a .18″ wall to .25″ wall thickness inspection I did for a customer in the aerospace industry, is one of the more challenging DR applications I’ve encountered during my 46 years in Non-destructive testing.  All parties involved visibly identified both, the .18 AL IQI and .25 AL IQI’s to a sensitivity of 2-1T without difficulty. Teledyne’s CMOS detector was revealed to be the best solution for this demanding application over the other available technologies.”  John Cope – NDT Specialist.

Besides the extensive 49.5 µm pixel detector line-up, the two co-exhibitors will also showcase different x-ray solutions from their respective product ranges.

Teledyne ICM will highlight the CP200D, the lightest 200 kV portable x-ray generator on the market, as well as the CP160B, a compact 160 kV battery operated portable x-ray source with small focal spot.

On the other hand, Teledyne DALSA will show its Remote RadEye HR detector, a slim 33 x 22 mm 20 µm detector ideal for inspections in tight or difficult-to-reach spaces.