Teledyne ICM sponsor at COPAEND 2015

Starting today, August 12th to Friday 14th, Gilles, Area Sales Manager for South America, will be showcasing Teledyne ICM’s NDT range at the 6th COPAEND conference in Cartage, Colombia.

Since its beginning in the 1990’s, the COPAEND has been held by a conglomerate of Latin-American countries. That group wished to create a pole for enriching common knowledge about technologies, development and applications in the world of Non-Destructive Testing.

So if you happen to be in the in neighborhood of the Las Americas Hotel, do come by and visit us at ICM’s booth C50… and guess what, we’re an official sponsor this year!

If you need more info on the exhibition, our participation at the event, or get to know our NDT products, you can visit the COPAEND website or contact us directly.