Teledyne ICM helps the Belgian Cycling Federation to fight mechanical fraud

Liège, Belgium. The discovery of a miniature electronic engine inside the bike frame of one of the top Belgian female professionals during the cyclo-cross world championship in Zolder, Belgium, shook the cycling community to its core.

As a result of this new type of trickery, the FCWB (the Walloon Cycling Federation) has decided to take drastic measures to eradicate this new cheating technique that now lingers over the Belgian and International cycling world.

Indeed, on Saturday 27th February, the FCWB called on the developer and manufacturer of portable x-ray systems, Teledyne ICM, to visit the opening race of the 2016 Belgian Elite/U23 calendar in Villers-le-Temple, Liège, Belgium. The main goal of the invitation was to take on random anti  mechanical fraud tests.

With the help of the x-ray system, FLATSCAN, an official member of the FCWB alongside one of Teledyne ICM’s representative proceeded to several arbitrary tests on contestants’ equipment to make sure no unauthorized modifications had been made to the bicycles. This state-of-the-art system allows a complete radiography of the entire bike frame and crank set in record time, making hiding any kind of mechanical help impossible.

Teledyne ICM is a Belgian company specialized in the field of x-rays. Being an active player on the Non Destructive Testing for the industry and security markets for the past 23+ years, Teledyne ICM develop, manufacture and provide x-ray inspection systems in more than 100 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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