The aerospace industry

Safety is absolutely paramount within the aerospace industry, which means that every single detail that makes up a commercial or military plane must be meticulously inspected. As you can appreciate, a single defect can cause catastrophic consequences for the people on board.
These safety requirements explain why the aerospace industry is one of the most demanding sectors within the NDT world. Therefore, professionals need ultralight, compact and versatile generators that provide extremely detailed imaging.
At ICM, we always pay close attention to the needs of our end-users and this has seen us develop the CPSERIES, which provides ultralight (which means as little as 12 kg) constant potential generators that range from 10 to 225 kV. The CPSERIES generators have a 1.5 mm focal spot and are equipped with a Beryllium window that enables the inspection of lighter alloys such as aluminum, carbon or glass fiber and technical polymers.