10 Good Reasons to Use a CP Battery X-Ray Generator

1. Battery powered

Only 1 hour! That’s how long it takes to fully charge the CP Battery and be fully operational. Equipped with a LI-ION battery, the CP Battery allows 25min of X-ray exposure with a single charge. Exactly what is needed to work efficiently!

2. Compact unit

The compact size of the CP Battery makes it a versatile generator, allowing it to adapt to narrow or hard-to-reach areas.

3. Constant Potential

In the case of constant potential sources, a DC voltage is applied to the tube (unlike a pulsed source which requires repetitive high voltage pulses applied to the tube).

The high-frequency regulation of the CP Battery allows obtaining a very stable and repeatable X-ray dose. In addition, the output tube voltage and current are fully selectable.

Furthermore, the enhanced thermal capacity of the CP Battery allows longer duty cycles than fast overheating pulsed generators

4. 360° rotating tank

The X-ray beam output, located on the side of the CP Battery, can be rotated very easily by loosening just one screw with no tools. The flat top makes it also possible to position the generator vertically to allow X-rays exposures in all directions.

5. Small focal spot

The size of the focal spot has, undoubtedly, an impact on the quality of the radiography, whatever the resolution of the detector. As a large focal spot causes a blurred image, we have equipped our CP Battery with one of the smallest focal spots available on the market. Therefore, this will allow to obtain a precise and high-resolution image.

6. Adjustable parameters (kV – mA – T)

The Teledyne ICM’ CP Battery units have a built-in control panel to fine tune the exposure settings. Unlike pulsed generators, the constant potential technology allows the operator to configure various parameters:

  • the output range (40 to 160 kV) by steps of 1 kV
  • the current range (0.1 to 1.0 mA) by steps of 0.1 mA
  • the exposure time (5 to 300 sec) by steps of 5 sec

Moreover, the CP120B and CP160B can be operated wired or wireless from a safe distance using a laptop, tablet or trigger.

7. Wide Beam Angle

Teledyne ICM’s CP Battery range offers a wider X-ray beam angle than most battery powered units. This allows the operator to place the X-ray generator closer to the active area of the detector, while still covering the entire surface with X-rays. This configuration allows for better penetration of dense materials, which are usually difficult to inspect with x-rays.

8. Unlimited lifetime insert

The Teledyne ICM X-ray source insert is built to last! With an average lifetime of 5,000 hours of continuous x-ray emission, it is drastically reducing maintenance and repair operations to the bare minimum.

9. Remote controlled

Thanks to the dedicated touchscreen software (Sherlock NDT) and combined with one of our DR Go-Scan panel, get the best out of your  CP Battery. This intuitive and user-friendly software can be installed on various platforms (tablet, laptop) and allow you to easily manage the entire X-ray system: creation of studies, image acquisition, image processing…

10. Compatible with CR and DR panels

Whether you are still a fan of film and computed radiography or have already made the jump to digital, you can use our  CP Battery. These are particularly effective in combination with our Go-Scan digital detectors.

The Go-Scan series has been developed for the specific needs of NDT: the 4 panels of this range are the perfect tools for all sorts of applications, from the inspection of alloys in the aerospace industry, steel pipes in the oil and gas industry, to delicate fabrics or art objects in the art world.

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