New release of Sherlock NDT now available

Discover the new features of Sherlock NDT 1.8

The new release of our digital radiography software, Sherlock NDT, is now available. Our team has developed new features that will make your X-ray inspections even easier and more accurate.

  • Teledyne Filter

New Teledyne filter with strength factor, running on GPU image processing.

Without Teledyne filter

Without Teledyne filter


With Teledyne filter

With Teledyne filter

  • Wi-Fi management tool

Wi-fi management tool

  • Pixel map editor

Pixel map editor

  • DICONDE tags

Adding of two specific DICONDE tags for each acquisition.

Diconde tags

… and much more:

  • Pipe Wall measurement profile
  • CNR / CNRn calculation
  • Drag & drop image import
  • Extra languages

Download the last release of Sherlock NDT on our support platform.

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