Sherlock Security



Illustration of:<p><strong>Sherlock</strong> <strong>Security</strong></p>
Illustration of:<p><strong>Sherlock</strong> <strong>Security</strong></p>
Illustration of:<p><strong>Sherlock</strong> <strong>Security</strong></p>
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Sherlock Security is a software solution that has been designed and developed by Teledyne ICM for EOD specialists.

It is the perfect tool for on-the-field security inspections. The intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen software produces high-quality images and comes with many different enhancement features.

Sherlock Security is delivered with all our detectors as a standard package and works best combined with our CPBatteries and LITEX portable generators.

Product informations

Multiple Image editing features
Automatic image enhancement filter (magic wand)
ROI (Region of Interest) enhancement
Teledyne filter
Histogram equalization
Emboss (3D)
Black & white
Pseudo-colour filter
Smart measurement tool
SNR (Signal to Noise) calculator
Greyscale feature
Annotation / Highlight feature
Mirroring / Rotation
Side by side comparison
Multiple images stitching
Easy export /save images
Superpower Zoom (up to 500%)
Detailed Image information tag
Software Features
All-in-one touchscreen software
Available in 20 languages
Add unlimited users
Missions library to store all missions efficiently
Interconnected by cable or wireless
Fast image acquisition for time critical situations
Preset exposure configurations
High Penetration feature
Material discrimination scan (Dual Energy)
Local scan
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