One year of collaboration with USBTA

Teledyne ICM’s collaboration with USBTA in 2023

2023 was marked by a fruitful collaboration with the USBTA, the United States Bomb Technician Association.
Together with our partner Field Forensics, Marc Jansen, our Head of Sales and Marketing, performed several trainings for bomb squads across the USA.
Each training was organized according to a specific scenario: a terrorist attack in a theater, a bomb explosion in the subway, etc. These scenarios enabled the bomb squads to immerse themselves in real-life situations. During these trainings, we were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our equipment for time-critical inspections. All the groups were impressed by the quality of the images generated.

A look back at two trainings for USBTA

Operation High Desert in Albuquerque

Conducted by Marc Jansen and Craig Johnson from Field Forensics, the training was based on the scenario of a terror attack into a theater where bags were left inside and need to be checked for explosive. The use of the C-View to determine the threat was the quickest and the most efficient way to operate.

Check the video of one of the bomb squad performing the inspection!

Check the video of one of the bomb squad performing the inspection with our C-View

USBTA event in Oriskany, NY

For this training, conducted by Marc Jansen and Tim Nauslar, a bomb had just exploded in the metro. In the rush, several bags were left unattended. All bags had to be inspected in case there was another bomb.

In this case, we demonstrated the performances of our LiteX generator combined with our TactX detector, and of our C-View.


Here we go again in 2024

Training courses with USBTA resume in 2024. Our partner Field Forensics has already participated in the first event of the year. We will of course be present at future training sessions.

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