Illustration of:<p><strong>Power</strong>Box</p>

Universal input From 90 to 264 Vac

Power consumption 1.4 kVA

Weight 7.9 Kg

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Specifically developed for the CPSERIES, the POWERBOX control unit does not merely represent a minor component of the new system. It is actually one of the best components!

ICM has designed the first ever ‘Plug & Play’ control unit for portable X-Ray generators. This outstanding innovation features two graphic Vacuum Fluorescent Displays as well as MIL-DTL 26482 connectors.

Despite its light weight, it is robust and provides a multifunctional position handle as well as a highly intuitive menu. Furthermore, the POWERBOX is shockproof, safe and reliable. And this even applies to harsh, cold, warm and dusty environments.


Its broader power range (from 90V to 264 VAC) voltage selector ensures that this small yet robust control unit can operate from practically any main power network worldwide. Furthermore, its 0.99 power factor means that it can operate with the most commonly used sets that are available on the market.

In fact, it will even be possible for the POWERBOX to take its energy from a car battery by simply using a small additional DC/AC converter…


Product information

Unit Value
kV, mA and time setting steps kV, mA, sec 1.0, 0.1, 1.0
Exposure time range min., sec. 1 sec to 99 min 59 sec
Constant power mode - Yes
Adjustable pre-warming time sec 3 to 99
Pilot light indicator (power ON, power OFF, Securities) - 3
Independant Start & Stop buttons - Yes
Two positions safety key rotary switch - X-RAYS ON, X-RAYS OFF
Two positions mains rotary switch - Mains ON, Mains OFF
Dual high brightness graphic (VFD) - 2 (off) 64 pixels x 128 pixels each
Automatic preheating - Yes
Exposure time calculator software - Yes (optional)
User-defined data enabling exposure time calc. - Yes (optional)
Programmable safety interlock - 3
Type of power supply - Mains, power generator, battery
Supply voltage range - selector free - Auto resettable fuse VAC From 90 to 264
Supply frequency range - sector free Hz From 45 to 66
Input power factor at full output % 99
Input current at full power, 230 VAC A 6.0
Working ambient temperature °C -30 to +55
Storage ambiant temperature range °C -40 to +70
Protection class - IP65
Weight Kg 7.9
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