Teledyne ICM Company History

In 1993, two experts from the X-Ray generation field, spotted a gap in the market. They realized that the X-Ray world was clearly missing quality, light and effective portable X-Ray generators that could benefit a wide variety of users. During the next two long and exhausting years, they tirelessly worked on designing and producing the first ever-portable X-Ray generator – The SITEX C3003.

What was a small company back then which was built from the ground up, ICM (Industrial Control Machine) is now the world leader in terms of portable X-Ray generators for the NDT radiography (Non-Destructive Testing) market and a major player in the EOD’s Security niche.

On the back of a portfolio that counts more than 30 different products, including the now well-known SITEX and SITEX CP ranges, as well as the security detectors FLATSCAN, we at ICM continue to grow year upon year. Since inception, we have recorded an average annual growth of 20%.

Thanks to this tremendous success, ICM reached new heights in 2015, when we became a proud member of Teledyne Technologies Inc. (NYSE:TDY).

As the concept of being innovators and pioneers represents key values within our organization, our priority each year is to reinvest at least 10% of our turnover in R&D. This ensures that we can bring you even more reliable, light yet robust and highly efficient user-friendly products.

Our team is currently made up of more than 50 passionate and enthusiastic professionals who work on anticipating and meeting all of your needs. One of our main aims at Teledyne ICM is to always be close to our customers. This explains why our products are sold in 110 countries and there is at least one After-Sales service center situated on every continent.

Our History

  • 1993

    Inception of ICM and beginning of its adventure into the NDT field.

  • 1994

    Launch of the SITEX C3003 – our first branded portable X-Ray generator for crawler technology.

  • 1995-1998

    Enlargement of our SITEX range with the arrival of the new directional and panoramic self-rectified units. Displaying voltage outputs ranging from 180 to 360 kV, this wide product range enabled us to become world leader in the portable X-Ray generator market.

  • 1998

    Launch of the first SITEXS X-Ray generator. This generator represented the first step toward realizing our ambition of dramatically reducing the weight of X-Ray generators and in doing so changing end-user habits.

  • 2002-2003

    The world premiere of both the CP120B and CP160B – the first battery operated Constant Potential portable X-Ray generators.

  • 2004

    ICM’s first entry into the security market with the development and marketing of the XSPECTOR. Combined with the CP120B and CP160B, it provided a clear and detailed image of any suspicious object.

  • 2005

    Introduction of FLATSCAN27 – the new X-Ray detector. This offers a wider detection area and a better resolution than the XSPECTOR and it enabled ICM to extend our worldwide presence on the security market.

  • 2011

    Replacement of the FLATSCAN27 by the FLATSCAN30 with its new redesigned and improved software.

  • 2012

    Construction of our new offices near Liège (Belgium)

  • 2013-2014

    Launch of the CP200D – our first constant potential unit. This is the lightest directional constant potential X-Ray generator that has ever been designed. Arrival of the FLATSCAN15: smaller than the FLATSCAN30, this backpack X-Ray detector provides perfect portability without compromising performance in any manner.

  • 2015

    Expansion of our CPSERIES with the launch of the CP160D and CP225D, as well as the introduction of the CP160CR – ICM’s first Constant potential panoramic unit for crawler technology.

  • 2015

    Acquisition of ICM by the American group Teledyne Technologies. The company becomes Teledyne ICM.

  • 2017

    Launch of the GO-SCAN 1510, the first NDT digital detector designed and manufactured by Teledyne ICM and its sister company, Teledyne DALSA. Enhancement of the FLATSCAN family by reducing the weight and thickness of both detectors and introducing the FLATSCAN15 XS and FLATSCAN30 XS.

  • 2019

    Expansion of the GO-SCAN line, with the introduction of the GO-SCAN 4335 & 3025. The year 2019 also sees the enlargement of the CPSERIES, with the launch of the CP300D, the most powerful constant potential of ICM’s portfolio and the best weight to power ratio in the world.

  • 2019

    Design of the Go-Scan C-View, a real-time digital radiography system. With a very high-quality image (99µm) and a light weight of 6.5kg, the Go-Scan C-View has been specifically developed for corrosion under insulation inspections.

  • 2020

    Expansion of the CPSERIES range with the CP200DS, our first portable small focus generator with a ceramic metal tube. This one is specially designed for digital radiography.
    It was shortly preceded by the CP300C, a 300kV portable panoramic generator.

  • 2020

    Release of the lightest portable generator in the Teledyne ICM range: Litex. Developed for and with EOD teams, this constant potential x-ray generator is equipped with a very small focal spot offering a far better image quality compared to the traditional “pulsed generator”. The system is powered by an “off the shelf” Dewalt Li-Ion Battery for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

  • 2021

    Release of the CP300CR, our 300 kV constant potential panoramic generator for crawler technology.

    After developing our own digital radiography software for NDT, Sherlock NDT, we launched its security version, Sherlock SEC.


  • 2022

    Launch of our new lightweight, compact and high resolution detectors, specially designed for EOD operators: the TactX and TactXL.

    Development of C-View Security. Thanks to its rapid set-up (less than 2 minutes), ease of use and user-friendly interface, it is the ideal tool for EOD operators.

  • 2023

    Launch of two new CPSERIES generators, the CP300DS and the CP300DM. With its small focal spot, the CP300DS is the perfect tool for digital radiography.

  • 2023

    Release of our new Go-Scan 2329. With a resolution of 49.5 µm for an active area of 230×290 mm, the Go-Scan 2329 is the only detector on the market with such a high resolution to image size ratio.

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Our key features

Achieving Annual Growth of over 20%

Since our humble beginning in 1993, Teledyne ICM has recorded a constant annual growth rate that has on average exceeded 20%. This has increased both our global presence and market share. We have supplied more than 3,000 portable X-Ray generators throughout the world and achieved an estimated market share of 25%.For this reason, Teledyne ICM can be considered the market leader in our field.

Worldwide Presence

Over the years, we have developed a consistent and reliable commercial network that is characterized by representations, distributors and partners who together cover more than 110 countries worldwide. Working alongside this efficient commercial network, an expert After Sales service organization has been established, which in total is made up of 10 local workshops spread around the globe and features at least one site on each continent. For further information, we refer you to our international presence page.

Research & Development

At Teledyne ICM, we believe that R&D is not just a concept – it is also a duty! It is a fundamental pillar of our organization that is financially supported by the constant reinvestment of 10% of our annual turnover. And this is supplemented by an ever-evolving strong team of engineers, physicists and highly skilled technicians, all of whom are focused on developing new, innovative and practical products.

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Our team

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