Quadpod for CPSeries

In Carbon fiber

Illustration of:<p><strong>Quad</strong>pod for<strong> CP</strong>Series</p>
Illustration of:<p><strong>Quad</strong>pod for<strong> CP</strong>Series</p>
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Carbon fiber quadpods are also available to ease the positioning of the CPSeries generators on the field.


  • Quadpod legs and crank-operated center column made of anodized aluminum profile
  • Protective foam padding of the top tripod leg segment
  • Torsion resistant and robust quadpod star
  • Variably adjustable center bracing for more stability
  • Precision crank drive for center column adjustment
  • Skid-resistant rubber feet, moveable by 360 degree
  • Convenient quick-action clips for comfortable tripod assembly and disassembly
  • Stable stand due to secure quadpod leg clamping
  • Robust, padded quadpod bag with adjustable shoulder strap


Carbon fiber quadpod (for CP200/225) UNIT VALUE
Material - Carbon Fiber
Leg sections nbr 4
Max. height cm 170
Min. height cm 56
Safety payload Kg 60
Weight (quadpod only) Kg 2.8
Stainless steel quadpod (for CP300) UNIT VALUE
Material - Stainless steel
Leg sections nbr 4
Max. height cm 130
Min. height cm 72
Safety payload Kg 100
Weight (quadpod only) Kg 16
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